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Wheels Up, Meals Up CEO Inspires SLOBs Members at General Meeting

Kenny Dichter is an American entrepreneur who inspired SLOBs members as the clubs first speaker this year.  His company partnered with Feeding America to create Meals Up and has donated 47 million meals so far this year and they have a donation for another one billion meals.  He has also challenged other companies to pick an initiative during this Coronavirus crisis and do good things.   Some of his memorable tips are: 1.  It’s not what you do for yourself but what you do for others.  You derive a lot from helping others and it feels good. 2.   You are the company you keep.  The people you’re around and the people you surround yourself with, really that’s who you are.  Also referred to as “The Average of Five”.  You are what you eat and you are who you hang around with.  Take the average of the five people you’re closest to — that’s really who you are or who you can become.  3.  If there’s an opportunity (white space) why not stake it out and claim it for yourself. 4.  One person with belief is stronger than 100,000 people with just interest.  If you decide you want to change the world, you could. 5.  Be flexible — there are a lot of ways to reach the finish line — just keep focused. We thank Kenny for his inspiring words to live by.

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