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SLOBs Help With 18th Annual New Canaan Turkey Trot

The New Canaan Turkey Trot, a 5K race/run/walk, was held Sunday, November 21st in Waveny Park to raise funds for Open Doors, an organization which helps to fight homelessness and food insecurity in our local area. Slobs volunteers arrived 30 minutes before the race start time and were split into pairs. Each pair was directed to a specific spot on the course where they stood and directed runners/walkers to make sure they stayed on the right course. Slobs also served as monitors in case anyone needed help along the route. After race monitoring was completed, Slobs volunteers made their way back to the home base of Waveny House where they helped after the race in various ways such as cleaning up any garbage left behind, carrying leftover cases of bottled water to cars, packing away extension cords and breaking down and loading tables into cars. Slobs also collected and donated cases of bottled water for the Turkey Trot participants. Slobs volunteers were instrumental to the success of the NC Turkey Trot.

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