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Strive to Create the Community You Want!

Ian Hockley and Robb Armstrong are Wingman Master Trainers and passionate about their transformational program focusing on leadership and community outreach.

Dylan's Wings of Change was established in the memory of Dylan Hockley, who was murdered during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Dylan had autism and would get excited and flap his arms. One day, when his mom asked why he reacted that way, Dylan replied, "Mommy, I'm a beautiful butterfly". The butterfly effect has come to define this program. Butterflies are a sign of transformation and change.

The Wingman program is built on two simple concepts:

1. Be kind.

2. Ask yourself how what you do or how you act is going to be perceived.

The butterfly effect is small changes that ripple outward. It's recognized that change is hard but leaders will be trained to start small by instilling changes with family, then friends, school and other parts of the community. Once selected SLOBs are trained Wingman, there's no limit to their reach.

The mission is to create empathetic leaders that can change the world for good. New Canaan's SLOBs are the leaders of our future that can make humanity better.

Stay tuned for Wingman opportunities...

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